Our RIDERS are the “Heartbeat” of The Meadows…

Our riders are truly “the Heartbeat of The MEADOWS” as their INSPIRATIONAL-laughter and JOYful shouts of “WALK ON!” fill the arena and motivate each horse and every volunteer!

Therapeutic horseback riding has long been recognized by The American Occupational Therapy Association and Physical Therapy Association for its benefits of strengthening weak muscles, helping tight muscles relax as well as creating emotional connections between the riders, their horses and their volunteers. The personal goals set for each rider vary as much as the riders do. Upon arrival each day, each rider is greeted with a MAGICAL smile from the instructor, the horse leader and of course, the horse. Highly individualized lesson plans can improve physical strength, muscle tone, balance, mobility and hand-eye coordination which are some of the visibly enhanced skills.

The more subtle improvements are increased self-esteem, self-control and self confidence.
These goals are reached through lessons designed for the students to learn horsemanship and to ride the horse with the instructor taking into account each individual rider’s physical, emotional and mental strengths & limitations.

The MAGICAL bond between the horse and student increases the attention, concentration, learning and verbal skills that are “at the heart of” learning to ride successfully and to communicate with others.